Horse Wash Wednesday - 10 Steps to a Clean Grey Pony

Horse Wash Wednesday - 10 Steps to a Clean Grey Pony

We are coming in to the second half of our Summer show season and a brand new Ponyclub/Interschools year here in Australia. In addition to this our pony Stormboy has been on full paddock rest with a leg injury for all of November and so we are starting our show prep while we have a bit pf quiet family time over Christmas. Penny has been riding every day, we are cleaning tack and checking everything still fits and is in good order and of course this grub of a grey is going to need a few trips to the salon!

It’s a really good idea to get out all your gear at least a month before you intend to head out to an event, competition or show and make sure all your tack fits your horse and rider correctly and that it meets current standards such as the AS/NZ Helmet Safety Standard. This will give you enough time to replace anything, have any repairs done and do any online ordering with plenty of time for postage.

I also like to do a bit of a stocktake on my ‘horse fridge’ at this time.I’ve always kept my horse gear in an old fridge to prevent mice and moths, it’s what my Mum did and so it’s what I do to. I keep my wormer in stock with 1 additional emergency dose always in the fridge for a new arrival (ssshhh our secret), I have an Equinurse Essentials First Aid Kit in my float which is always parked next to my horse paddock but I do also keep additional White Healer, Bandages, Syringes and Yellow/Purple Spray in my Horse Fridge as a back up. These also get a checkover and are re-ordered if necessary. I try and do this before Boxing Day so that I can get my monies worth when I’m stocking up.

Now onto that Grubby Grey, he is filth, constantly, generally the most so two days after a bath as they are clearly offensive and he was born to be bay. I love Hairy Pony and Equine Soap Co products as both are natural without toxins, smell beautiful and do exactly what it says on the bottle! Below you will find my step by step routine for a bath when we aren’t prepping for a particular show - just removing the dirt. I will get another blog written about our show wash and prep this month though.

Bonus tip - think ahead and plan when you will wash around the weather and make sure that you have clean rugs, towels & a tail bag ready to throw straight on afterwards. I like to dry with a towel as Storm is a chronic roller and despite my best efforts will head directly to his corner to roll at the first opportunity. We deploy a Red Gorilla Dripfeed Ball full of carrots or Huds n Toke Pony Treats to distract him somewhat and it definitely holds off the inevitable temporarily but being as dry as possible before release is my best defence until I get that stable block I’ve been asking Santa for but am yet to find under the tree.

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10 Steps to a clean Grey Pony

1. Hairy Pony Natural Shampoo in the Pony Foamer applied all over. Rinse

2. Hairy Pony Double Strength Purple Shampoo to legs, wither and hips/rump (anywhere he has green stains). Leave this on for now

3. Hairy Pony Hair Repair Shampoo to Tail & Mane/Forelock. Leave in for a few minutes.

4. Rinse off the purple (make sure to get it all off)

5. Rinse out the hair repair

6. Apply Hairy Pony Purple Hair Repair Treatment to tail. Leave in for no more than 10 minutes and make sure to rinse it out completely to avoid a purple tinge (I only do this step once a month or before a show)

7. Apply Hairy Pony Silky Serum to Mane, Forelock and Tail

8. Dry pony with a towel to avoid dirt being splattered up legs. Allow tail to dry 

9. Brush tail out - Hairy Pony Detangler if needed. Plait and Bag.

10. Put on rugs and deploy snack ball distraction - pray at least one part of him remains clean


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